Chicago Cubs Scout Team in 2023


Sports Type Baseball
Group Name Chicago Cubs Scout Team
Places to Visit Osaka / Kyoto
Duration of Stay 8 days
Number of Travelers 19 players
3 coaches


This was a second time that Chicago Cubs U-18 youth team came to Japan under our arrangement. They wanted to come mush earlier and tried several times to organize it but had to call off each time because of COVID 19. Therefore, when this trip finally came true in 2023, they were very much excited.


They has a game with a team of Osaka Otani University. So heated and very good games they had. Through baseball they made a good international friendship.


They visited Osaka Castle. They were amazed and impressed by the castle so that it made them google the history of Japanese SENGOKU-era to learn the background of the castle.

Next day they had a visit to KOSHIEN museum. They learned the history of KOSHIEN as well as how this yearly baseball event affected to the strength of Japanese baseball.

Tour Schedule

Day 1 Departing America
Day 2 Arriving in Japan
Day 3 Osaka

Games vs Osaka Ohtani University

Day 4 Osaka

Koshien museum
Osaka Castle

Day 5 Osaka

Games vs Osaka Ohtani University

Day 6 Osaka

Games vs Osaka Ohtani Univeristy
Games vs GXA Jets

Day 7 Osaka Kyoto Tour – full day
Day 8 departing Japan

Customer Review

Head Coach
Don Moriarity

This was a great tour.
I am very happy with the bus and plane arrangements and the flexibility of all the services.
Most of all, I am very grateful to all the staff.
If any other group does this kind of tour, you should definitely ask for GXA. They are wonderful!

Stuart Sellz

We would like to come back and recommend this opportunity to others who don’t know about it!

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