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Message From GXA

Soccer is one of the most played sports in the world. Japanese soccer is getting stronger these days and the whole world was shaken when Japan won Germany in 2023 world cup by 1-4 and Spain by 1-2. As for the women’s soccer, Japan surprised the rest of the world becoming world No.1, beating America. Japan became an interesting country to play soccer in. So let’s visit Japan and play soccer with Japanese team!

Soccer Game

We can arrange games anywhere in Japan. Because we have a lot of teams we communicate regularly throughout the country, we are able to match opponent teams at an appropriate level for you.
We also provide opportunities for the teams to interact with Japanese students from elementary school to university. This can be a unforgettable experience.


Practice and Training

If you would like to practice in Japan, we will arrange a place for you to practice or find a Japanese team to play with as you request. Also, if you would like to have a lesson under Japanese coaches, we can arrange high level coaches such as former professional players.





Accommodations and Transportation

We will arrange all your accommodations and transportations from luxury hotels to cheaper ones, as well as transportations such as a bus trip and bullet train tickets.


Example Program

Tokyo Tour
Day 1 TOKYO ⚫︎Shamisen Experience
⚫︎Asakusa Sightseeing
Day 2 TOKYO ⚫︎Team Practice
⚫︎Visit Meiji-jingu Shrine
Day 3 TOKYO ⚫︎Games against Japanese Team
⚫︎Visit National Diet and Akihabara.
Day 4 TOKYO ⚫︎Games against Japanese Team
⚫︎Watch Japanese Professional Sports Game
Day 5 TOKYO ⚫︎Games against Japanese Team
⚫︎Watch Kabuki Play
⚫︎Tsukiji Sightseeing
Day 6 TOKYO Free Time
Day 7 TOKYO Depart from Japan