St. Mary’s College of California, Men’s Rugby Club


Sports Type Rugby
Group Name St. Mary’s College of California, Rugby Club
Place of Origin Moraga, California, USA
Places to Visit Kyoto, Osaka, Tokyo
Duration of Stay 2weeks in the mid January
Number of Travelers 35 players, 2 coaches, 2 teachers



The rugby team and economic department students from St Mary university came to Japan under GXA arrangement. It was a 15-day trip visiting Kyoto, Osaka and Tokyo. Half a group was from rugby team and the other was from economic department came to Japan to learn about entrepreneurship.

Rugby club played against Japanese team !

Students from economic department visited Kyoto Sangyo Shien Centre where Kyoto city support entrepreneurship and had a lecture about their activities. 

They are very happy to have a mixture of rugby, lecture and sightseeing in the trip visiting major three cities in Japan.

Tour Schedule

Days AM PM
Day 1
Depart from America
Day 2 Arrive in Kyoto 
Day 3 Rugby Practice Kyoto Sangyo Shien Centre 
Day 4 Kinkakuji Temple Nishiki Market
Day 5 Rugby Practice Fushimi-Inari Taisha Shrine
Day 6 Move to Osaka Osaka Castle
Day 7
Watch a top league rugby game
Free Time
Day 8 Free Time Free Time
Day 9 Free Time Move To Tokyo
Day 10
Sumo Wrestlers Work Out
Rugby Practice
Meiji Jingu Shrine
Day 11 Rugby Practice National Museum
Day 12 Rugby Practice Free Time
Day 13 
Lecture about 
how different between
Japanese and American
business is
Visiting Fujitsu
Day 14 Rugby Game Free Time
Day 15 Move to Narita Airport
Depart from Japan

Customer Review

How was the trip?

Head Coach

I really enjoyed the trip. Japan is a wonderful place to visit. Our tour guides did a great job helping us navigate the country.

The trip was exciting and filled with new experiences like taking the train and using a new currency.

What were your expectations of Japan before the trip?

Head Coach

I did not know much about Japan prior to this visit. I only have heard the people are very friendly and it is very clean.


I didn’t know much about Japan prior to the trip so I went in blind, but the cultural aspect of the trip was very interesting. Definitely different from the American culture

What was the most impressive thing for you in Japan?

Head Coach

I was impressed with how orderly and efficient everything was. The public transit system was clean and consistently on time. I was able to navigate taking public transit even though I do not speak any Japanese. Everyone was extremely helpful and friendly. From our tour guides who went above and beyond to make sure our stay was successful and even any other people we encountered.

What were the biggest differences between Japan and the US?

Head Coach

The general pace and demeanor of people was really refreshing. People seem to have a high consideration and respect for those around them. 

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