Chicago Cubs Scout Team in 2018


Sports Type Baseball
Group Name Chicago Cubs Scout Team
Places to Visit Osaka
Duration of Stay 6 days
Number of Travelers 19 players  3 coaches


Our first tour was for Chicago Cubs U-18 youth team from America in 2018.

They wanted to have as many games as possible with Japanese teams.

GXA owns two U-18 youth teams and one of them is GXA JETS located in Osaka. So we arranged a game for Cubs youth team to play against GXA JETS. They had a really good game and grow friendship through and after the game.

Cubs also went to Ninjya village and they dressed like Ninjja, practiced to use Ninja weapons. They all were so excited.

Tour Schedule

Day 1   Depart from America
Day 2 KIX

Arrive in Osaka

Day 3 Osaka

Games vs JETS

Day 4 Osaka

Koshien museum
Ninja village

Day 5 Osaka

Free Time

Day 6 Osaka

Games vs JETS
Depart from Japan

Customer Review

Head Coach
Don Moriarity

I was very happy to meet you guys in Japan and have a great time. The level of baseball in Japan is high. Koshien and Ninja village was memorable.

Stuart Sellz

I was impressed how Japanese players treat their own tools such as gloves and bats. They really take a good care of these tools at the level which I never even thought. I guess it is a part of Japanese culture.

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