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Message From GXA

The charm of the Japanese volleyball lies upon the unbreakable defense skills. As the average hight of Japanese players is lower than other countries, Japanese player endeavored to cover the disadvantage by strengthening the defensive skills and training the ball controlling skills.  Now that the Japanese male volley ball ranks 4th in the world and female ranks 7th. Japanese volleyball is emerging powerful in the world stage. 


Volleyball Game

We can arrange games anywhere in Japan. Because we have connections throughout the country, we are able to find a matching teams for your team from children to adults.  We also provide opportunities to interact Japanese players. This can be a wonderful moment of interaction.


Practice and Training

If you would like to practice with a Japanese prominent coach, or with a Japanese team, we can accommodate your request. We will arrange a place for you to practice and arrange a coach or a Japanese team to help your practice.




Accommodations and Transportation

We will  arrange all your accommodations and transportations. We can organize any accommodations from luxury hotels to cheaper ones as you request, as well as transportations such as a bus trip and bullet train.


1 Week Sports Expedition in Kansai

Example program
1day Osaka a.m. – Arrival at Kansai International Airport
p.m. – Volleyball Practice with Japanese coach
2day Osaka Volleyball Game with Japanese team
3day Osaka a.m. – Temple visit
p.m. – watching V-league professional match
4day Osaka a.m. – Volleyball Practice
p.m. – Osaka Castle visit
5day Osaka Universal Studio Japan visit
(Theme park)
6day Osaka a.m. – Volleyball Game
p.m. – College-martial-arts-club visit (Sumo, Karate, Kendo, etc)
7day Osaka Departure from Kansai International Airport