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Message From GXA

BUDOU means Japanese martial arts originating from “The way of SAMURAI(BUSHI)”. The most important elements of BUDOU is called “心” ;mind, “技”; skill, and “体”; body. To proceed on the way of SAMURAI means brushing up your mind, skill and boy all together. This way of thinking represent Japanese tradition. Therefore learning BUDOU will teach you not only the way to fight, but also the way to live. It is often said that Japanese martial arts begin with courtesy, end with courtesy. 

Japanese martial arts became famous since Karate kids. It has a quite unique culture. If you would like to experience practice or watch people practice, we can arrange them.


Training and Observation

GXA can arrange a tour to join the practice of martial arts or observe these training.


Training Observation at Universities

You can visit university to watch serious martial arts training.




Accommodations and Transportation

We will arrange all your accommodations and transportations from luxury hotels to cheaper ones, as well as transportations such as a bus trip and bullet train tickets.


Example Program

Tokyo Tour
Day 1 TOKYO ⚫︎Shamisen Experience
⚫︎Asakusa Sightseeing
Day 2 TOKYO ⚫︎University Martial Arts Club Visit
⚫︎Practice with Japanese Practitioners and Instructors
Day 3 TOKYO ⚫︎Practice with Japanese Practitioners and Instructors
⚫︎Visit National Diet and Akihabara.
Day 4 TOKYO ⚫︎Practice with Japanese Practitioners and Instructors
⚫︎Visit Meiji-jingu Shrine
Day 5 TOKYO ⚫︎Practice with Japanese Practitioners and Instructors
⚫︎Watch Kabuki Play
⚫︎Tsukiji Sightseeing
Day 6 TOKYO Free Time
Day 7 TOKYO Depart from Japan