Koshien Visit

“KOSHIEN” visit is a must do for baseball players.”KOSHIEN stadium” is the most famous sports site in Japan. Every year, a nation wide high school match takes place at KOSHIEN stadium and it is all broadcasted from the first game till the final. Many Japanese people have grown up watching this show on TV every year cheering neighboring high school, so that Japanese baseball players all dream of participating to the game. But it is really a slim chance to win the ticket to join the match as there are so many baseball teams all over Japan as baseball is the most played, most popular sports in Japan so far. Japanese high school baseball players all put up with incredibly long tiring practice dreaming of participating in “KOSHIEN” match fro 3 long years.

And this can be said that “KOSHIEN”  made “baseball” the most popular sports in Japan. This stadium is a sacred sports site for all Japanese baseball players.